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Sonya Davis

mom & entrepreneur

Michelle helped me make the connections between the imbalances in my body and the imbalances in my life. So not only has it taken care of the pain and discomfort in my body, but her sessions have also helped me resolve the major issues and patterns that have held me back in my life.

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When you are wondering if your Hormones are out of balance and you're not feeling like yourself.

If you have not been feeling like yourself, and your doctor is saying "all is well", we may be able to help look deeper into your metrics and lifestyle to get you turned around and feeling great!

If you are feeling fatigued, fat and flatulent let's talk about what we can do.

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About Michelle Wald

FMPT, Health Coach, LMTI @New Paradigm Wellness

Michelle Wald has earned a reputation as the "body whisperer." Michelle greets your pain with a gentle, laser focus seeking the root cause with a transformational process called Aston Kinetics® and Functional Medicine Assessments. Supporting whole body wellness through balances and integrative approaches to health. She empowers people to engage and find their health through consistent and strategic methods. Aston Kinetics® is an integrated holistic system to approach body misalignments, chronic pain conditions, post surgical wellness and the influencing effects of negative life experiences. A body work session with Michelle is as an invitation to create an empowered, balanced life.

About Theresa Attea

BSN, RN, LMTI @RN4Health

Theresa Attea has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. Her experience includes Pediatric Intensive Care, Home Health Nursing, Performance Improvement and Clinical Quality and Patient Safety. In 1996, she became licensed as a Massage Therapist in Texas. She is also an instructor for the Massage Therapy Program for Austin Community College. A two-time cancer survivor, she has experienced both sides of the bed-rails. During treatment she received standard treatments and used complementary medicine to support her healing. She recognizes the impact of stress and lifestyle practices on disease and illness. She has a holistic perspective on health and wellness with a focus on bringing balance to the body-mind-spirit. She empowers her clients to make healthy choices and take steps to greater well-being.

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