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Michelle Wald has earned a reputation as the “body whisperer.” Michelle greets your pain with a gentle, laser focus seeking the root cause with a transformational process called Aston Kinetics®

Aston Kinetics® is an integrated holistic system to approach body misalignments, chronic pain conditions, post surgical wellness and the influencing effects of negative life experiences. A body work session with Michelle is as an invitation to create an empowered, balanced life.

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Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes suitable for movement and gentle hands on touch.

What To Expect In A Session

Each Aston-Kinetic® session is uniquely designed for each person, however in each session you can expect the following:

  • A whole-person assessment including history of your specific issues or concerns.
  • Body alignment assessment- Standing and moving
  • Gentle, hands on body Palpation to determine current holding patterns.
  • A Hypothesis for the presenting issue based on assessments
  • Specific Three-Dimensional bodywork to release most pressing holding pattern.
  • Movement to integrate the body’s shifts in energy and alignment
  • Follow up directions for next session.
  • Instructions for homework: This is unique to each person and may include a movement cue, strengthening, stretching, breathing, sports moves and other techniques to improve performance and prevent pain.

How It Works 

Aston-Kinetics® unwinds your “holding patterns” and adjusts your body to improve alignment, function and range of motion. Holding patterns are the compensations the body makes in response to injuries, surgeries, accumulated stress, physical or emotional trauma and the effects of gravity. Reducing these holding patterns creates a higher degree of balance and efficiency in the body, which reduces chronic pain and discomfort.

These holding patterns are addressed through the following

Hamstring Stretch


You may experience in a session or through a combination of sessions:

  • Decreased pain in spine and other joints
  • More freedom of movement, ease of motion and range of motion
  • Decrease in scar tissue adhesions
  • Improved posture
  • More self-awareness, confidence and well-being
  • Neutralization and preparation of tissues for the effects of surgery
  • Discovery of patterns that may be keeping you from living life to the fullest
  • Improved balance through improved structural alignment
  • Improved strength due to freeing up the fascial restrictions which may prevent full muscle activation
  • A greater ability to age gracefully
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved Facial tone

About Michelle

At age 20, Michelle worked in an elder rehab clinic. At the clinic Michelle witnessed the profoundly transformative effects of the Bobath technique-an integrated physical therapy approach to rehabilitate brain injury patients.  That experience inspired Michelle to devote her life’s work in service to showing people how to feel at ease in their body and to feel powerful in life.

Michelle received a degree in Physical Therapy in 1991. While working at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, Michelle sought relief for a long-standing whiplash injury with the whole-Being system of Aston Kinetics.  Aston Kinetics healed the injury and Michelle was overjoyed to discover a holistic healing modality that gave her the tools through which she could grow personally in the expression of her skills, talents and philosophy.


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