Michelle has helped me be restored to my healthy and healed body, again.  She’s also shown me with her astute observations how the issues and problems got started, as well as how to work with them to resolve the  pain and incapacitation.  I am no longer afraid to stretch, move, walk, or that my problems were because of age.  She’s given me both bodywork and exercises that healed the issues I had and have helped me remain  healed.  I am immensely grateful.  Thank you Michelle  🌹

-by Suzanne in Austin, TX

“When I met Michelle I had literally been unable to sit for the previous 6 months because of severe pain in my low back (two herniated discs). I had been to physical therapists, various diagnosticians and even an orthopedic surgeon – all to no avail. After just a few Aston sessions with Michelle I was able to sit at my desk again! Today I row competitively and practice power yoga at least twice per week; I’m stronger than I’ve ever been! Thank you so much Michelle!!”

-by Denise Micheal

“ Michelle helped me make the connections between the imbalances in my body and the imbalances in my life. So not only has it taken care of the pain and discomfort in my body, but her sessions have also helped me resolve the major issues and patterns that have held me back in my life.”

–by Sonya Davis, mom and entrepreneur

“ I went to Michelle for sudden neck pain (which she resolved quickly and effectively) and I stayed for the work on more subtle body issues that I didn’t realize I could do anything about. I am taller and I breathe better because of Michelle’s “voodoo!” Her passion for her clients and what they are capable of is irresistible and inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.”

–by Katherine Torrini, Creative Life Coach and artist


“I remember my excitement when at the start of one session I was unable to turn my hand over from back to front – 15 minutes later Michelle had found the probable cause, worked on it and I was able to turn it.  I was hooked!

I have found that Michelle’s ability to integrate her experience as both a certified physical therapist and massage therapist into Aston Patterning results in a completeness which I have not experienced other practitioners.  I leave each session with my body and spirit feeling renewed,  an increased knowledge of the anatomical causes of any aches and pains, and perhaps more importantly, guidance on what I can do to alleviate the problem.”

–by Liz Faulk

“I’ve had one session with Michelle and will be back. From simply observing my posture and movement, she saw things I never could. She instantly recognized the relationship between seemingly separate trouble spots in my shoulders, knees and feet, which she explained it in a way that made complete sense. The treatment left me feeling more aligned, flexible and relaxed. By following her instructions since then, I’ve been able to make small adjustments in my posture and movements that make a big difference in how I feel day to day. Seems you can teach an old dog new tricks! Thanks, Michelle!”

– Sandy Blackard

“From the first appointment, I experienced the relief I had sought for years.  It took a few sessions for my body to begin to retain the changes from Michelle’s deep knowledge and practice. After each session, I felt change. The sessions revealed where my body needed attention next. Michelle offers ways to cope w/ the changes of untying layers of body muscles and facial confusion.

It has been a joy to feel and see my posture improve and re-engage my love of walking without muscles cramping or numbness setting in.  Michelle has encouraged me to incorporate techniques daily that continue to strengthen my core and my stamina. Together, we are creating my path and I’m enjoying aging with my body NOW more than I did at 60, 50, or 40.”

– Martha Ward