Aston Patterning Techniques
Within each session we may use one or more of these techniques to unwind holding patterns and move the body towards more freedom, alignment and health. Complex problem solving is an integral part of this amazing work and we specialize in tailoring the session to your unique needs.

Aston Massage: A specialized form of Massage used to integrate tissues and release functional holding patterns which have not been secured in the fascial system. This kind of integrative massage improves circulation, and connection within the body. You will instantly experience relief from pain and discomfort.

Myokinetics: An advanced form of deep massage addressing the deep structural holding patterns located throughout the body and within the fascial system. This form of deep massage is very comfortable and soothing, but makes dramatic changes in the tissue.

Arthrokinetics: An advanced form of deep tissue massage addressing the holding patterns and scars along the bone and joint surfaces. This form of massage creates improved range of motion, decreased compression in the joints in particular and allows for more access to weight bearing surfaces in your joints. Like the Myofascial Release technique, this form of advanced bodywork is gentle due to the use of 3-dimensional touch.

Aston Fitness: a combination of strengthening, stretching, loosening and toning in length to optimize your workout. Improve your “game” with advanced movement assessment and training for your individual body and decrease the injuries or strains that tend to be common in your sport or activity. Introduces advanced movement to decrease joint compression and move into “your” best neutral.

Bodymechanics and Ergonomics Training: Learn to improve your form during everyday movement and the keys to adjusting your surroundings to align with your unique body. We can also assess your worksite and provide optimal adjustment of your workspace. We offer Aston Seating systems which improve posture and good alignment and improve productivity, performance and comfort.

Aston Facial Fitness: a unique system of toning the face to look and feel younger. It includes lymphatic drainage to clear facial puffiness and sinuses, resulting in decreased facial tension and headaches.

Usana Skin Care products and Vitamins: We can nourish the skin from the outside in or improve your well-being for the inside out with these pharmaceutical grade vitamins and skin care products. Optimize your health with a combination of bodywork and nutrients!