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The Psoas and Digestion link

Your amazing Body is all Connected-The Psoas and Digestion link! I am going to let you in on a secret! Your structural body,  specifically the foundation

Aston® Fitness Series Starting Thursday Jan 15 at AOMA 9-10am Alignment~ Strength ~Balance First Class is FREE Jan 15! These are some photos at Sanoviv where

Find the Warrior With-in (Video)

If you know me, I love stretches and exercises that can multi-task. I like my efforts to address several things a once. The warrior series definitely

Join Me to Get Your Fascia Fit!  6 week Aston® Fitness Series Fridays 9-10 am Starting Oct 17-Nov 21 at AOMA in the Dojo Everyone is

We often make assumptions about the way things are. Whether we think the world’s flat or margarine is the same as butter, we hold tightly to

Computer users these stretches are for you! I know you are out there because you are reading this! These are some tried and true stretches perfect for

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