SET UP for Fitness 2016

SET UP for Fitness 2016

It’s the New Year! You are full of re-commitments to health and fitness….We all do it, wanting to start fresh-only with the same old way we did last year and the year before that.  If you know me, you know I do things differently, consider HOW you do it could be different this time.  Consider Setting up for Fitness in a new way!

Lets consider just finding Neutral. Fitness people talk about it all the time but have the same list of rules to HOLD -Shoulders back, chin tuck, pelvic tuck, tummy in-don’t forget your head back!  All this is done with good intentions to improve your alignment, but seldom does this actually improve someone’s posture.  If that worked, everyone would have good posture by now.

So lets consider taking that good posture into movement, unfortunately it does not always translate because “holding” while moving doesn’t fully work either. The idea is good-keep the relationships of your parts in good mechanical alignment. When you add movement we often go back to our old habits: forward head, rounded shoulders and flexed spine…I see this on a daily basis, and it is not your fault.

Have you been thinking you want to get in shape this year but quickly think “I am feeling old” or are recovering from injury and worried those classes you were taking are too much?  If you really want to get back on the fitness track but are wondering where you should start, I have the perfect workshop for you!

Join me and a panel of professional movement people for my new workshop-Set up for Fitness and get a tour of some fun possibilities to try!

First, you will learn my best kept secrets of Mindful Movement and improved fitness-It is the SET-UP! Set your self up in optimal alignment and you will surprise yourself!

We have a 2 1/2 hour workshop to sample various movement and fitness styles such as Aston Kinetics to set yourself up then sample  Nia, Yoga, Qi Gong, Weight Lifting, Personal Training, Tai Chi and More.

Engage powerfully in your life by learning techniques of optimal movement. Get ready and lets have some fun!

Make sure you bring a friend- it is always more fun with friends!

Sign up by clicking here: Set Up for Fitness  Jan 30, 2:30-5:30pm at the Northwest Rec Center in Central Austin.

It is only $5 to cover the cost of the room.

If you can’t make it, I would appreciate you telling anyone you think would benefit or go ahead and share or comment on Meetup!

Thanks a million