How it Works
Aston-Patterning® unwinds your “holding patterns” and adjusts your body to improve alignment, functionality and range of motion. Holding patterns are the compensations the body makes in response to injuries, surgeries, accumulated stress, physical or emotional trauma and the effects of gravity. Reducing these holding patterns creates a higher degree of balance and efficiency in the body, which reduces chronic pain and discomfort. These holding patterns are addressed through the following methods:

Aston techniques use a specific form of structural bodywork to address layers of tissue in the body that contain deeply embedded structural holding patterns. This bodywork will release the patterns without causing discomfort or pain to the client.

Movement Education:
Once the structural changes are made, the movement education helps to support and integrate those changes by giving the client tools to utilize in their daily life. Michelle will provide exercises, toning techniques and illustrations to help the client maintain the transformation that was created during the session.

Ergonomic Modification
This aspect of Aston-Patterning® examines the environmental factors that may be contributing to the negative patterns and misalignment in the body. These may range from seating conditions to shoes. Michelle will help each client address the specific needs of their body and make changes to their environment in order to sustain the structural changes made through the bodywork and movement education.