SET UP for Fitness 2016

SET UP for Fitness 2016

Set Up for Fitness 2016!

When: Saturday Jan 30, 2:30-5pm

Location: Northwest Recreation Center

2913 Northland Dr, Austin, Texas 78731

$5 Admission

It is the New Year – full of re-commitments to health and fitness….

Have you wanted to get in shape this year but quickly think “I am feeling old” or are recovering from injury? If you really want to get back on the fitness track but are wondering where you should start? – Check this out!

Join Set up for Fitness to get a tour of some fun possibilities to try!

First, you will learn my best kept secrets of Mindful Movement and improved fitness-It is the SET-UP! Set your self up in optimal alignment and you will surprise yourself!

We have a 2 1/2 hour workshop to sample various movement and fitness styles such as Aston Kinetics to set yourself up then sample Nia, Yoga, Qi Gong, weight lifting, Personal Training, Tai Chi and More.

Engage powerfully in your life by learning techniques of optimal movement. Get ready and lets have some fun!

Make sure you bring a friend- it is always more fun with friends!

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Speaker List

Greg Kaufman PTA, Aston Kinetics Practitioner, Meditation Master and a leader from the heart! Greg will be leading the warm up and focus on finding your neutral alignment to begin.

Beth LaGrone: Yoga instructor and LMT will  discuss the benefits of Yoga

Julie Wylie  will introduce you to Nia technique. Julie is a vibrant teacher who

Lance Olian : Weight Training with Lance is like taking your favorite class in school from that cool teacher. You will leave your sessions feeling motivated and educated about living healthier! I have seen how this Gym transforms people powerfully!  Austin Simply Fit

Sarah Kinney:  Will lead us in some super fun Dance Walk!


Free Telecall: Top 3 keys to Saving your Hands so you can Build your Massage Practice

Thursday July 30 at 6pm central

Your hands are the most important ingredient in your massage practice. Keeping them healthy is key to your success. This is not just sometimes -this is every day!

Learn the Top 3 Keys to keep your hands healthy while you grow your practice.







Banish Burnout and Transform your Massage Practice 

Are you passionate about caring for others but worry that your body will not support you as you grow your practice?

Learn “Practice What You Preach Ergonomics” – How to ensure you can make a living as a LMT without the heartbreak of breakdown.

One of the biggest concerns for the massage practitioner is the ability to practice massage without pain for as many years as they wish. The keys to this is pacing massages, balancing the body and using proper body mechanics for the individual.

The traditional body mechanics are a great starting place, however people don’t always use them or they are not strong enough to maintain the “good mechanics” and quickly slip into some kind of compensation, which does not support them. Over time the kinetic chain breaks down coupled with the belief that just getting a good massage will fix the problem. While a great massage often gives relief, this is often just treating the symptom. Strengthening and optimal body use are at the core of the solution.

What if this could be incorporated into your practice? Join me using my special toolbox of techniques to take care of your self while building your practice.

Aston Fitness and Movement: You will learn:

Your Best alignment to begin
Approach your clients mindfully
Sequence your moves
Strengthen your core
Balance the strain
Release the tension

Sunday, August 9, 2015 at Lauterstien Conway Massage School

6 CE’s

Click Here to Register

Aston Sampler Workshop: 5 Ways to Move your Fascia-Self Care

Come and learn how the Aston® Concepts can improve your workout, your practice and your life. Find out how the Aston approach is supported by the cutting edge Fascia research which can optimize your workouts and reduce pain.

  • Improve your posture in 3 easy steps.
  • Tone your core
  • Tone pelvic floor in 3 dimensions
  • Shake Loose the extra tension
  • Learn to modify yoga and/or Pilates techniques to improve form and decrease strain
  • This workshop will be a preview of  how this vast, integrated system of movement and bodywork can help you.
Where: TBA
When: Coming soon
Cost: $99
This class is open to the general public and especially for people interested in optimal function and improving their body through movement.

Aston® Fitness group classes

Sign up for this 4 week Aston® Kinetics Fitness series at AOMA

Starting each Thursday.

Where: In the Dojo at AOMA 4701 Westgate Blvd, Austin TX 78745

Register here

OR You can Drop in for $15 per class

I  am  interested in the attention and mindful movement to find your best body with Aston® Fitness techniques! All levels welcome, but please consider your own ability and body awareness.

See you there!

This class includes exercises for strength, flexibility, balance and posture. What makes Aston® Fitness unique is its emphasis on discovering the underlying principles of physics that allow movements to be fun, feel more youthful, and prevent injury. Grace and power are not just for professional athletes and dancers. These skills can be learned. Each week we will introduce an Aston-Mechanics® concept and apply it to exercises in a way that will revolutionize how your body moves. Students will be able to utilize this new understanding in their fitness regimen and also in their everyday activities. Currently designing a new class for you! Contact me at to reserve your spot.

Free Spa Party and Wellness Seminar

At this Spa Party you will learn how to give yourself a spa facial using the ultra clean and nutritious Usana products as well as some introductory Aston Facial Fitness Techniques. This is a chance to improve your health and your skin. Bring a Friend. Please RSVP to reserve your spot. 512-633-7471
Upcoming Dates:

Location Central Austin

Aston Group Facial Fitness class

This class provides in-depth instruction and techniques to tone your face, decrease deep expression lines, and enhance your knowledge of your body – giving yourself a fresher more youthful look. Please RSVP to reserve your spot. Upcoming Date: Feb 2015
 Sugar Buster Reset

Start your Year off right and get off the Sugar Roller Coaster! Do you find it hard to deny your sugar addict once it’s been unleashed? Give yourself a RESET button! This 5 Day Jumpstart is a great way to get your body back on track through balanced nutrition. We have monthly groups and you can do it anytime you are ready.  Release your sugar cravings and hit the Reset Button! Read More. 

Clear The Way!

Live or Online

Live Class starts Jan 19! But you can start any time you are ready to shift your health in a gentle and profound way with this fantastic online program!

Have you ever thought that your guts are not working for you as much as you like? Do you want help with finding a new path that has the support of a group and a whole person approach?  If you need help healing your gut then contact me to sign up for Clear The Way!