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Set Up for Fitness 2016~Start your Resolutions off Right!

It’s the New Year! You are full of re-commitments to health and fitness….We all do it, wanting to start fresh-only with the same old way we

Ida, Judith and The Truth of Aston Kinetics

I don’t know if I have mentioned this lately, but I host a (almost) monthly podcast to interview Aston Kinetics practitioners to showcase the many ways

Aston® Fitness Series Starting Thursday Jan 15 at AOMA 9-10am Alignment~ Strength ~Balance First Class is FREE Jan 15! These are some photos at Sanoviv where

Aston® Fitness Series:Get Your Fascia Fit Starts Fri October 17, 9-10 am

Join Me to Get Your Fascia Fit!  6 week Aston® Fitness Series Fridays 9-10 am Starting Oct 17-Nov 21 at AOMA in the Dojo Everyone is

Delight in the Downward Dog

Downward dog is one of those poses you either love or love to hate.  If you hate it-See if this video helps you “Delight in the

Aston® Fitness Stretching! Keep it on the edge!

This is a great demo by Judith Aston demonstrating the difference between regular stretching and Aston® Fitness Stretching! Watch this living example of Aston® Kinetics benefits. Keep

Running Progression-Slower than you think!

There are old runners and there are new runners, and the thing that all runners have in common… is injuries. No matter how you look at

Get the Sleep You Need

Are you sleeping? Top 5 things that improve your sleep. Oh the miracles that good sleep brings! We don’t quite realize this until we are deprived…My

Intro to Aston Kinetics Class at AOMA 5/11/13

Instructed by Eve Chenu LMT and Michelle Wald PT, LMT Tell all your friends that need to know about this! Aston® Kinetics is a breakthrough system

Self defense for War and Peace!-Introducing Wayne Key I have studied martial art forms for many years including Kung-Fu, Tai Kwan Do and Karate among the more common

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