What is the sugar roller coaster?

Being on The Sugar Roller Coaster may be the worst thing to do to your health!  What happens is your blood sugar rises and falls above and below it’s optimal range which increases inflammation in the body.  Ideally it should remain in a narrow range. Click here to see: the-sugar-roller-coaster-1

The Solution is the 4 Week Sugar Busters Bootcamp!

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Back in the 80s when I was learning about Nutrition in Physical Therapy School, it was all about the No Fat or Low fat craze.  I was wondered even then of the consequences -because I also learned,  your nerves are insulated by fat, if you don’t have enough then your nerves don’t conduct well. I had an acquaintance that was so obsessed with no fat and extreme exercise she actually started to demyelinate her nerves (not a good thing-she ended up being so weak she could not turn the key to her door)  Her doctor prescribed lots of cod liver oil-yuck. There are better and more delicious ways!

What to do about it? SUGARBUSTERS! You can do it for 1 week for a quick fix but there is something to be said about Time, specifically a full month of focus that really gives you the results = SUGARBUSTERS BOOTCAMP!  Both starting Jan 16, 2017

This program can be customized to your needs simply contact me at info@MichelleWald.com or lets have a conversation at 512-633-7471

Food Journal for a baseline of what you actually eat. Then as you go through this transition process for documenting conscious food intake- to be accountable for your food and exercise decisions. This is also a great place to document how you are feeling as emotions and sensations come up you can see where you could use some help.

Make a commitment to a lifestyle change, you are here, with support, prepare and move forward.

You have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies show you eat 80% more calories during the day when you skip breakfast or have a high glycemic meal for breakfast. Yikes!

I find that a high protein, low glycemic smoothie is my “go to” breakfast, because it is fast and easy. It sets me up for eating better for the day and I feel great.

Eating out, I find restaurants are much more flexible about substituting veggies for the starch that comes with the meal and also boxing up ½ the meal at times.

What kind of pleasures do you have in your life? Serotonin and beta endorphins are your feel good chemicals.

How can you get a hit of serotonin and beta endorphins in the absence of pleasure in your life. You probably have tried some simple sugar or carbs! Like me. It has been proven that is one reason why we find comfort in food. We all have our ways that fill our cups. Make yours full to overflowing!

When these are depressed, your body is stressed which adds to oxidative stress, Cortisol production increases it is a stress hormone that causes you to hold onto fat.

Find pleasure in other ways, besides food!…

Enjoy your food , savor every bite

Lets see, get a massage, get a pedicure, call a friend, take a bubble bath, give yourself a pedicure. Spa facial anyone?

Reseting your blood sugar you will reset your insulin. This can reverse the symptoms of syndrome X and even type II Diabetes. Keeping your blood sugar even allows release of Glucagon and you start releasing fat for fuel as it should be.

This brings us to a New and Different Definition of DIETS

D: Daily conscious living=food jounal, prepping for your week Dr Northrup Recommends the 80-20 rule

I: Individualize Nutrition =prepared food choices, ensuring your success by choosing foods that are pleasing to you. If you have lots of food aversions, allergies or otherwise narrowed variety, take a high quality nutritional supplement.

E: Energize yourself= fill your cup with things other than food, exercise, moderate weight training, dancing Tango!

T: Think Well, read inspirational books and use positive affirmations daily

S: Seek support you already have! If you need more support Join Us for SugarBusters Bootcamp!

I know all this seems a bit daunting, but it works, let us support you so you don’t have to do it alone!

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