Imagine a non-invasive technique to freshen your face, smooth deep set lines, and plump your lips… Did I mention that you can do this routine in 5 min? Simple techniques, easy to do at home, quick to learn, results that make a difference… I can’t stop talking about Aston Facial Fitness! Aston Facial Fitness techniques tone the actual muscles of your face, using gentle techniques to facilitate these changes. Most topical face products can help with your skin’s tone or tightness by nourishing your skin, but this multimillion dollar industry does nothing to effect the muscles under your skin creating the shape of your face. There are some electrotherapies that stimulate the muscles, but as you probably know these results are short lived. Facial Fitness is different.  You can do the facial fitness techniques yourself on a daily basis to firm, sculpt, and tone the face muscles – all in the comfort of your own home. The best way to build muscles anywhere in your body is with regular workouts. Facial muscles are small and delicate. It does not take much to work them out and see a difference. With Aston Principles, it take very little time to workout your face using good form and specific touch. I know if I’m going to a big event or have a date with my special man, I will do some Aston Facial Fitness each day leading to the date. Add in a spa facial to clean and brighten your skin, and you’ll be glowing from the inside out.

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Free Tip To Try:

Eye Lifting Move

1. Sit up straight and breath.

2. Relax into that position and put your index fingers on the temples lightly, like you’re putting blinders on. Be careful not to pull on your skin.

3. Hold fingers and close your eyes.

4. Squeeze eyes shut until you feel a contraction of the eye muscles slightly moving your fingers. Your eyes might shake a bit. Those shakes are your facial muscles getting a good work out!

5. Release your eyes. That’s one contraction. Repeat 5-10 times per day.