Use Aston® Fitness to be in your best body!

Use Aston® Fitness to be in your best body!

Join Me to Get Your Fascia Fit! 

6 week Aston® Fitness Series Fridays 9-10 am

Starting Oct 17-Nov 21 at AOMA in the Dojo

Everyone is talking about functional fitness, but what is that really?  Is it about throwing tractor tires around or could it be about learning  how to move with ease and grace in your body?

I believe Aston® Fitness can give you both and so you are able to do all the things you wish to do.  Aston® Fitness concepts will enhance any fitness program and give you the tools for optimal form.  It is HOW you do it which makes all the difference!

Sign up for this 6 week Aston® Kinetics Fitness series at AOMA

Starting Friday Oct 17,  9-10am Through Nov 21, 2014

Where: In the Dojo at AOMA 4701 Westgate Blvd, Austin TX 78745

Register here :

I  am  interested in the attention and mindful movement to find your best body with Aston® Fitness techniques! All levels welcome, but please consider your own ability and body awareness.

See you there!

Michelle Wald PT, LMT