Are You on the Sugar Roller Coaster?

What is the sugar roller coaster? Being on The Sugar Roller Coaster may be the worst thing to do to your health!  What happens is your blood

The Psoas and Digestion link

Your amazing Body is all Connected-The Psoas and Digestion link! I am going to let you in on a secret! Your structural body,  specifically the foundation

Set Up for Fitness 2016~Start your Resolutions off Right!

It’s the New Year! You are full of re-commitments to health and fitness….We all do it, wanting to start fresh-only with the same old way we

3 Important Keys to your Child’s Health and Nutrition Do you wonder if your child is getting all the nutrition they need to grow up health

~Do you want more ease in your movement? ~Have you Felt your Posture needs improvement and don’t know how to change it? Aston® Fitness Series Continuing

New Year’s has come and gone. I know, what New Year’s resolutions? I am sure you had grand plans and all to get your diet cleaned

Ida, Judith and The Truth of Aston Kinetics

I don’t know if I have mentioned this lately, but I host a (almost) monthly podcast to interview Aston Kinetics practitioners to showcase the many ways

Aston® Fitness Series Starting Thursday Jan 15 at AOMA 9-10am Alignment~ Strength ~Balance First Class is FREE Jan 15! These are some photos at Sanoviv where

Aston® Kinetics 101-102 Professional Assessment techniques for Upgrading your Skillset   Taught by Judith Aston and Michelle Wald Aston® Kinetics 101–Seeing Fascial Body Patterns The Where,

I really am Grateful! Giving from the Inside Out-and Upside down! While I hate to admit it, I have an easier time with outward encouragement, service

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