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Aston® Kinetics 101 and 102: For movement and bodywork professionals to facilitate your client’s improvement

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Aston® Kinetics 101 – Seeing Body Patterns with Insight
with Mark Barber and Michelle Wald

The focus of this course will be on viewing body patterns in the standing position.

  • Aston 1 & 2Learn Aston visual assessment skills to see body patterns and to develop a clear understanding about the relationship between the alignment and the root cause of the symptoms.
  • Develop a language to easily explain to the client why their pattern creates pain or limitations.
  • Learn 7 different visual tracks to identify and assess the client’s unique body pattern.
  • Discover how to use these visual assessment skills to decipher where to begin a session to maximize the time and effort for bodywork or movement techniques.
  • Learn how Judith Aston has changed the placement and the angle of the traditional plumb line and discovered how body segments are optimally aligned in relation to gravity. This new alignment decreases the body’s tension and optimizes tone for greater comfort, movement, and performance.

Aston® Kinetics 102 – Moving Beyond Posture

with Michelle Wald PT, LMT

April, 2015
This dynamic course builds on the visual assessment skills learned in Aston Kinetics 101

  • Learn Aston Arcing movements in sitting and standing that enable the participants to find their own unique body alignment that is both effortless and stable.
  • Learn how to teach the Arcing movements to your clients as a self care tool to reduce pain and gain mobility and strength for daily activities.
  • Explore the functional tasks of sitting, standing, reaching, and bending using Aston-Mechanics®
  • Be introduced to Judith Aston’s ergonomic designs to support the new Balanced Body in Motion.
  • The Aston Paradigm will teach you the where, why, when, and how to accomplish your current goals.

Aston® Kinetics is approved by NCBTMB-Provider No. 022220-00 as a Continuing Education Provider under Category A.
This course is 34 CE hours.
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The Aston Kinetics-Community Class 3-Hour Self -Care Sampler

Want to get a taste of how we do things? Join us for our community class for everyone!

Class covers the following:

  • Learn how physical effort can be recycled into work/rest cycles.
  • Optimize daily actions with easy-to-use ideas that you can apply to bending, reaching, lifting, etc.
  • Experience new and effective ways of toning and lifting the abdomen and pelvic floor.
  • Experience an application of the Aston concept applied to a yoga or Pilates design.
  • Discover the scope of the Aston Kinetics system.
  • Once women have children or as people age, they begin to feel congestion, heaviness, pressure in the lower abdomen and pelvic floor. We will be doing movement work to increase your overall body length, decompress the lower abdomen and lift the pelvic floor.
  • This class is intended for both men and women of any age. We will discuss general stresses of daily action, habitual ways of moving or not moving, strains from doing exercise, aging too quickly, losing our once good posture, tone and flexibility.
  • Also covered in this jam-packed three hour class, we will discuss the Aston Theories of how to counteract the pull of gravity by doing specific movement designs for the body and face

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  • Massage Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Fitness
  • Yoga

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