Aston-Patterning® is a whole-body approach to health and healing. We seek to uncover the answers to your greatest body balance and well-being by looking at your unique structure, needs and body motion.

Aston-patterning® is a revolutionary new way to look at the body. It provides a wholistic approach to addressing body pains, misalignment and chronic conditions. It is a certified path of bodywork developed by Judith Aston. Her techniques and products are a transformational system of bodywork, movement and fitness known as Aston-Kinetics®
Aston Kinetics® is a complete system which uses a range of techniques to assist clients in revealing their true selves through their bodies and aids them in releasing their pain, injury and the negative effects of their life experiences. Clients learn to appreciate the beauty of their individuality through understanding that their body and alignment is unique to them. The result of these techniques is each client functioning at their highest potential! Just imagine the possibilities….and more